“After many years living in Hollywood, working in publicity and helping brands large and small succeed in their marketing I have learned a really great solid proprietary formula of how to bring businesses of all sizes into the winner’s circle. I did all of that while turning my company into an award-winning boutique PR & marketing agency.

During that time many individuals approached me for help but I wasn’t able to do it one on one. Because of that I was driven to create a place where people could learn the basic tenets of good publicity and marketing. I have started the Publicity You academy so that people can educate themselves while they are living their busy lives, and do it in their own time and on their own schedule. I want to bring them in the winner’s circle too.

Specifically with Fresh After Forty I have watched so many talented people with so much to offer over 40 either give up or sit on the sidelines because they didn’t grow up in the ‘selfie generation’. They didn’t understand the technological changes in the modern business world and many of them couldn’t see how they could fit in and thrive. But they can fit in, and their experience and mastery is much needed, so I’m here to show them how to succeed with confidence.”





As the driving force behind Hollywood-based award-winning boutique agency Black Ink PR, Margot Black is without doubt the woman you wish you’d hired years ago. Nobody knows how to get an audience’s attention like Margot does.

Margot is a PR genie who makes PR dreams come true, and she does it with joy, dedication, strategy, efficiency and creativity.

With more than 20 years experience in publicity and marketing, her savvy hands-on multi-platform approach to each campaign, ensures extraordinary results every time.

Under Margot’s astute guidance, Black Ink PR & Marketing has won 4 PRSA Prism Awards for Excellence in Public Relations since 2015, and a Poppy Award for the Best Public Relations & Marketing Campaign in 2016.

Margot is responsible for millions of dollars of publicity each year for clients and she is here to help you succeed, understand publicity and get ink.

She is passionate about guiding solo-entrepreneurs, sole traders and individuals to shine their remarkable light and achieve their publicity goals with class, sass, confidence and clarity.

Alongside traditional print and radio campaigns, press trips and event planning, Margot also brings to the table her invaluable experience as a television writer/producer and media executive.  With today’s multi-media approach to publicity, this kind of insider knowledge is key to getting your product seen by the people that count.

Margot is also the author of ‘Where’s My Award?: How to Get Baby Barf out of a Red Carpet & Other Tales from a Working Mom in Hollywood’, a love letter to working moms everywhere.

In her spare time, Margot is a trophy wife to her husband Rob, and perfect mother to their son Jett.

“Dare to be remarkable because you have the tools and you know how to you use them.”

Margot Black